street photography in berlin

Taking photos of people in the streets of Berlin can be quiet tricky. If you are a photo enthusiast with a blog, an Instagram account and many followers… street photography becomes a legal nightmare.
You are collection and sharing personal data. The face, the location, the time and date and everything that ties to the identity of a person. According to the new GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation of the EU… you have to ask for permission BEFORE you take the shot. Even a group of people as part of the composition is a problem. If one person can be identified in this group you are back to start.
That is why most of my images are silhouettes, protecting the face or are covered by a motion blur.
If you search the Internet for answers… you get many opinions.
May be I am on the safe side. But may be not. I will have to face this aspect in the next months. Hopefully we can all continue with a respectful art of street photography in Berlin and Germany.

PS: if you shoot for personal use only… happy snapping. The above relates to professionals and photo enthusiasts.